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CHINS (Children in Need of Services) petitions are considered when a child is being or thought to be neglected or abused. A CHINS petition is filed by the Department of Child Services (DCS) when the safety and well-being of a child is in question. Legal proceedings are difficult and complicated, especially when the safety and well-being of a child is in question. At the Cole Law Firm LLC, we help parents with problems and get them back on the right track. We are very knowledgeable in CHINS cases in Indiana. We know how complex of a situation this is and we can help you through this process.

We focus on all facets of family law, and we'll make sure that the rights of parents and their children are protected. We help in:

  • Termination of parental rights (TPR)
  • Defending parental rights
  • Truancy
  • Runaways
  • Other areas of law that pertain to families in crisis

We want to get our clients the help they need to keep their family together and move towards a productive future. We don't let our clients get caught up in a legal predicament.  We are qualified and experienced to handle the legal details so our clients can focus on repairing their family.

Termination of Parental Rights

At the Cole Law Firm LLC, we are experienced with defending CHINS cases and looking after the best interest of the family involved in the court system. We help clients who are facing termination of parental rights (TPR) or temporary placement of their children. We are skilled and compassionate, and we stand behind our clients for the full duration of their case.

What Is A Child In Needs Of Services?

According to Indiana Code § 31-34, a Child in Need of Services (CHINS) is a person under the age of 18 subjected to the following types of abuse or neglect:

  • The parents are unable or unwilling to provide the child with necessary food, shelter, medical care, education, or supervision
  • The parents commit acts or omissions that result in actual or a risk of harm to the child physical or mental health
  • The parents manufactured illegal drugs on the property where the child lives

The child has been a victim or risks being a victim of crimes such as rape, criminal deviate conduct, exploitation, molestation, public indecency, prostitution, voyeurism, seduction, or sexual misconduct with a minor

  • The parents allowed or put the child at risk of engaging in an obscene performance or sex offense
  • The child is a danger to his or herself or to others, and the child is not receiving care or treatment
  • The child has been disciplined at school because of his or her misbehavior and the parents have not been cooperative
  • The child is a missing child
  • The child is disabled and has been or risks being deprived of necessary nutrition or medical care
  • The child has been born with fetal alcohol syndrome or with the presence of drugs in his or her system
  • The child’s mother used alcohol or drugs during pregnancy, which caused the child’s physical or mental health problems

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